Global E-mail Cleansing Service
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Welcome to the Global E-mail Cleansing Service

What is the Global E-mail Cleansing Service?
It's a service for internal IBM marketers that eliminates e-mail from going to individuals that did not want to receive e-mail from IBM.
All IBM Marketers sending commercial (unsolicited) e-mail must process their e-mail lists against this service.
Why does IBM require the use of the Global E-mail Cleansing Service?
In May 2000 IBM adopted the privacy statement that related to the supressing of an e-mail to any individual that has expressly indicated that he or she does not want to receive them.
Marketers use, as at least one measure of success, the building of long term relationships with customers. They do not want to irritate consumers who might be receptive to hearing from them in other media or who might buy from them directly without being solicited.
How does it work for marketers?
The e-mail cleansing service is a suppression file only and it is not released to a marketer or other third party who wants to send you an e-mail message.
Any marketer that uses this service, sends their list electronically to the e-mail suppression system. All e-mail addresses registered in this system are removed from the marketer's list. The "cleansed" list is returned electronically via the web to the marketer. The marketer will get an e-mail stating that their list is ready to be picked up, the URL for pick up will be included in the e-mail.

For questions or concerns about this service, please e-mail us at or send a Lotus Note to MessagingControl/White Plains/IBM@IBMUS

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